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Becoming Conscious

This all started when we fell pregnant with little Luna. Wanting the cleanest environment for our growing foetus we began to swap out chemicals we were applying to our bodies. 
Little did we know, we were coating ourselves, breathing in and swallowing a large amount of different chemicals that were questionable at best. So what do you do? You make it yourself! 
Fast forward 2 years and you get Conscious Culture Co! Everything is edible [wont taste good but go for it] and you can understand the short ingredients list.

Whether you’re a budding zero-waster, a seasoned sustainable living enthusiast or just want less chemicals on your body, we are here to provide an option. We believe in making a difference for the next generation & in order to do so we remove as much unnecessary packaging as is possible, we reuse everything we can & all of our packaging is recycled and reusable. Refills are encouraged at a discount to lessen our footprint [and yours] and we are forever looking to find the best possible packaging to suit our zero-waste, sustainable lifestyle.

 ~  Welcome to the Culture  ~

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