Sugar Whip - Whipped Sugar Scrubs


This luxurious Whipped Soap meets cold pressed Jojoba Oil + Shea Butter, meets organic sugar for a soft, mousse-like whip that gently exfoliates and cleanses. Amazing in baths and showers alike, this scrub is pH balanced for face and body and leaves your skin perfumed by essential oils and organic botanicals. This scrub is a mild exfoliant and is best as a regular use exfoliant (unlike our coffee scrub which is high exfoliation), it also lathers up with bubbles and is great on ingrown hairs. 


This wide neck jar allows for easy access to your 220g of scrubby goodness. Upgrade to a reusable bamboo spatula for only $1 if you like to keep it fancy. 


There are 8 different scents that are all coloured with extracts and dried flowers, scented with essential oils and packaged in recyclable containers. 


For a limited time only you can also get your hands on 15g of each one in a set. Perfect for Christmas! 


Vanilla Latte - Coffee and Vanilla Scented

Gingerbread - Mixed Spice, Nutmeg, CInnamon, Clove + Ginger

Matcha Green Tea - Green Tea

Turkish Bath - Rose scented and coloured by Pink Dragonfruit + Strawberry Powder

Sleeping Beauty - Lavender scented and coloured by Black Goji Berry, Beetroot powder + Blue Butterfly Leaf Powder

Princess Peach - Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lime scented and coloured by Turmeric Powder

Sea Witch - Spearmint, Peppermint + Wintergreen and coloured by Spirulina and Blue Butterfly Leaf Powder (designed to chill the skin)

Throwing Shade - Lime scented and coloured by Activated Charcoal 


All of the Sugar Whip Foams are the same as the above but without Sugar


This product is proudly Vegan. 

Whipped Sugar Scrub

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