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Geniune Rose Quartz Crystals within a rose gold frame


Amazing for myofacial massage, extrending all of your serums and moisturisers and adding a bougie element to your self love rituals. These rollers feel incredible on the skin and can be put into the fridge 30mins prior to use to add a soothing effect to sore or puffy skin. Beauty Rollers are more than just pretty! They can decrease puffiness of the skin, enable tightening of the facial muscles with regular use, as well as being a tool for lymphatic drainage.


These Rose Quartz Crystal Rollers go beautifully with our Moon Goddess Serum or Apollo Serum.

Rose Quartz Crystal Beauty Roller

  • Shipping and postage is at a flat rate of $15. Local pick up is encouraged in Ashby or at any of our market locations. Please dont hesitate to check out if we are near you!

  • Where damage to a crystal roller has occured due to a dropped or smashed roller, Conscious Culture is not liable to refund or accept returns. Please treat your roller like your first born.

    If you experience a hairline fracture please contact Conscious Culture immediately with pictures and we can forward this to the supplier. It is at their discretion as to whether they refund.

    We are sorry it is not as easy as our products

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