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Magnesium Oil is excellent for muscle soreness, twitches and restless leg syndrome.  It is also great for menstural cramps and soreness. 


Choose between Unscented, Rose Water and Wintergreen for what will best serve you. Each Magnesium Oil Mist is completely saturated magnesium chloride (60%/vol) in botanical water with essential oils for boosted scent. Each organic and made with locally sourced ingredients. 


100ml - reusable amber bottle with atomiser - store below 30 degrees


This product is 100% Vegan


*If the bottle is exposed to high heat you may find salt crust along neck/atomiser head from condensation/presipitation. This is not an issue, nor is it harmful, simply the nature of being exposed to heat. You may find the scent is not as strong though. 

Maggie Magnesium Oil Mists

  • Postage flat rate of $15 to cover cost of shipping within Australia, shipping container and padding. Pick up from local area is encouraged and completely free of charge. 

    Express shipping can be organised by contacting

  • Return and 100% refund on any item within 30days of purchase if there is anything wrong with packaging or product. Please read and note the use by date on each product purchased. Once product lapses use by date we advise to discard product contents. 

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